About Us

We are committed to facilitating fiber optic infrastructure network to meet the needs of last-mile connections from the end users, including corporates, residents, educational institutions, governments, businesses, etc. We are aimed at empowering our customers to enjoy 100% fiber optic based high quality network.


To provide the smart networks solution for local government in developing smart city and the success of national broadband program.

To provide an effective and efficient high-end networks and services to minimize digital divides to corporates, businesses, shops, residences, educational, institutions, and many more by integrating all available sources.

To be a reliable telecommunication network and service provider.

Our Team

Customer Service Team

The front line of support for Our Customers to help ensure that Our Customers are satisfied with products, services, and features.

Within the 24/7 duties, Our Customer Service responsibilities generally include answering phone calls, emails, responding to Customer questions and complaints, and walking Customers through basic troubleshooting or setup processes.

Network Operation Center Team

Our NOC Team are required to ensure they are fulfilled in a timely, co-operative, and professional manner so can providing 24/7 support on Our core network and services.

Diligence and attention to detail are also Our NOC key skills along with an ability to prioritize work appropriately.

B2C’s Team

One of the best and most guaranteed avenues of expansion is bringing connectivity to remote, rural and underserved areas.

We are carefully developed strategies that combine expansion appetites with a customer-focused attitude. Aim to find the right balance between expanding our markets in our region and making sure to accommodate the needs of Our existing customers.

B2B’s Team

In this era, Customers of all types have migrated quickly to the digital workplace and in a nanosecond, high-quality network connectivity became a prerequisite for business continuity.

In order to be truly Customer-centric, Our B2B’s team anticipate what’s coming and understand the direction technology and society is taking.